YesNoCovid offers FDA authorized COVID-19 viral and antigen testing to keep you safe. Whether you need a Rapid test for your workplace, or need a PCR test with travel certificate to meet airline requirements, we’ve got you covered.

Mission statement
It is in tough times, we must take part in making a difference for the global defense to humanity. Our fight is to assure everyone has the right to be tested and provide peace of mind. We are here for the health and safety of our global challenge against COVID.

History of the company

Our company was founded in June 2020 and is certified in Texas and Florida. Take pride in our mission and be part of our evolution.




Key Facts

Covid-19 Testing

YesNoCovid is offering SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) testing to cover viral detection by COVID-19 RNA testing and antibody tests for Ieg and IgM. Effectively covering the full spectrum of COVID-19 infectious disease progression is crucial in identifying affected individuals at different stages of a possible exposure.


Taking our test will confirm if you are currently infected by Covid-19 or if you have gig antibodies.

With a 98% accuracy rate, you can have confidence that you have actually tested negative.

Results certificate with official lab results is provided after 10 minutes for Rapid antigen and antibodies tests. PCR Test result times may vary.

Results are sent through a HIPAA compliant software to a CLIA certified lab with a certificate of negative status.